Simon Oberbacher

Woodturner from Ortisei in Val Gardena


About me

Simon Oberbacher

1984 – 1990
painter and gilder apprehend ship at Kostner Ulrich

Seit 1990
Self – employed wood painter, decorator and gilder since 1990

After many years as a painter and decorator, Simon Oberbacher decided to look for a new creative challenge. It so happened that he discovered the world of turnery, an activity wich permitted him to exploit his curiosity and creativity.

Simon Oberbacher


Although Simon was used to handle wood, this task permitted him to rediscover it in a completely new way. Thanks to the experience of being a self – taught person, he learned to appreciate the characteristics of wood as a raw material. The most amazing part/point of the work is the fact that every piece of art is surprisingly unique, as every type of wood has its own properties in terms of color, hardness and drying time. Simon gets this inspiration in the nature, where he loves spending his free time as a climber and mountain biker.



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Simon Oberbacher

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